Born and raised on the Northwest side of Chicago, I, grew up interested in all things creative and artsy. It started when I was small, with the occasional doodle and eventually evolved into elaborate works of art.

I am Passionate about different things and always running around crazy, so I tend to shy away from the written rules of art, and instead focus more on what comes from inside of me. I guess you can say I’m a bit of a rule breaker. Instead of being very literal with my work, I tend to lean more towards the abstract side of things. This allows for others to interpret my work as they see fit, which I like because when I paint or draw I may be thinking one thing when I am doing it, but when someone else is looking at the project, they can see or visualize something completely different and hearing what others interpret of my work is just as interesting to me than the actual process of creating it. The abstract world also allows me to express myself in a way that the literal world does not.

As a mixed media artist I use a variety of different mediums in my works from your common everyday pencil to more eccentric mediums, such as found pieces of metals and wood or other random objects. I feel that this gives my artwork, not only an interesting story to tell but a lot of visual depth. I also utilize the damaged or bad photographs and damaged or bad art that I have done and incorporate them into new works. I guess you can say that to me there is no such thing such as a bad photographs or bad art, because what is completely wrong technically is a new form of art to me