Make Shit Glow Back Up!

I didn’t think I was gonna be able to get Make Sh*t Glow back up and running tonight but I did manage to get it back up and in working order and am adding the galleries back to it. Some of the galleries will feature new photos that were not on the original galleries and some of the images have been reedited and tweaked! I will also try to finish updating Project 365 for 2013 and then readd 2014 with the new months that were not previously there!

I took some new photos today of the rest of my rock collection which I hope to have up in the next week or so along with the rest of my shells and fossils.

I will be revamping some photos from various events I have taken over the years and will start to add those to the concerts and events section and I also plan on finishing up the Chicago section within the next few weeks.

All in all progress is being made as I completely overhaul my website from scratch and I appreciate your patience!