New Updates

Couple of updates to the website. I’ve added a new gallery to the photo sets section under photography. Nature and Scenery. I will have pictures of sunsets, sunrises, plants, animals and other various naturey things. I’ve also added some moon pics to the 2014 moon section from last night and will be adding tonight’s sometime this weekend.

I lost a hard drive full of new photography as I had not had a chance to back it up yet but with the help of recovery software I was able to scan the SD cards and gain the majority of it back but it has taken some time to do which is why I have not updated the website until now. I also lost current photos of artwork that I have created so I have to take those again and will add more work to the website as soon as I do.

I have also not yet finished transferring over Project 365 to the new site layout as of yet but am planning on doing so the week of the 18th as I have my vacation then and hope to get the rest of it updated so that it is current and up to date. I keep the blogs and take the photos daily so I am current I just have not updated them to the site.

So please check back soon I am doing my best to bring everything over to the new layout and things are coming along nicely!

Thanks for your patience!